I’m a cradle Catholic thriving in the Bible Belt of north Louisiana.

My first career was with The Shreveport Times, most recently as associate editorial page editor and columnist. Today I do editing and writing projects through Martha Fitzgerald Consulting and independent publishing through Little Dove Press. I’m proud to continue the ministry my father and I started in 2004 with his Bible-based novel, Letters to Luke.

I had taken several short-term Bible courses, overviews or topical in nature. But I hungered for more in-depth spiritual guidance. When the Diocese of Shreveport announced the first year of Catholic Biblical School, offered by the University of Dallas School of Ministry, I was ready.

Year 1 of the course proved to be a quiet transformational experience, a blessing for me and my fellow Bible scholars. We were a wonderfully diverse group–among us, converts and non-Catholics, two directors of religious education, and one deacon. The eight of us in Group 1 became very close over the nine months. We shared our writings and our personal stories, our questions and  confusions, our trust issues. We also laughed a lot, and recommended to one another our favorite Bible-based novels and movies.

I encourage every Catholic to venture deeper into the Bible. You are more familiar with it than you realize, as our daily and Sunday liturgies are so rich in the Scriptures. Be open to changes in your heart, a more intimate relationship with God.

I invite you to share here your experiences in Bible study, your favorite faith-based literature, and thoughts on your wilderness encounters.


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  1. I was fortunate to be a member of Group 1 in the CBS 1st year class.
    It was an amazing learning and growing experience, delving deep into the world of the Old Testament and sharing our selves with one another.
    What a blessing! I recommend it. Now I am excited about year two, believing that my relationship with Jesus will become richer and deeper as we study the New Testament.

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