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Rest in the Lord, Sister Natalia

Another one of our classmates has left our world to dwell with God. Sister Natalia Zotov of Ruston enrolled in Catholic Biblical School last year with Jim McGill’s class and joined us in August for the first of the combined classes. But shortly thereafter she became ill and missed the rest of our classes. Sister Natalia died last week of cancer. Greco Institute director Father Pat Madden is leading the funeral service today in Hodge. Deacon Terry Walsworth led the vigil tonight. God bless Terry and Alece, our Year 3 classmates, for taking such good care of Sister Natalia.

From Ginger:
“The funeral home has a wonderful page dedicated to her. Just click on her name, Natalia Zotov. There are some wonderful pictures under the memories section.”

From Jim McGill:
“Natalia was a brilliant, insightful and always intriguing person. I will miss her quick wit and gentle spirit. May she rest in the Lord’s peace.”

I met Sr. Natalia only once, last August at our first Year 3 class. Group 4 was blessed to have her at our table. I was immediately intrigued by her life story (from New Zealand to Ruston, with Russia and China in her family background) and eager to learn more about how she found the Lord and the Dominicans. She shall remain a vivid and brilliant memory, a star in the cosmos at rest with the Lord and all her loved ones. Pray for us, Sister Natalia.