Prophets’ message: Make better choices

Once again, November-December is a challenge for us students, with Thanksgiving, the beginning of Advent, and preparations for Christmas claiming blocks of time as our first unit test approaches. … Major review under way at the moment. …More posts coming soon, but here’s a quote I ran across in review that neatly summarizes the role of the prophets. It’s among several “lagniappe” quotes Jim offers us now and then:

The distinguishing feature of the prophets … was not so much their clear vision of the future as their accurate perception of the present. God revealed the meaning of their contemporary situation in order that they might show their people that continuing in their present choices would be destructive and that it was possible to choose differently and thereby avoid disaster.

                                        ~D. Bergoffen, “The Apocalyptic Meaning of History,” The Apocalyptic Vision in America


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