Micah tears the masks away

English: Micah, the prophet, watercolor circa ...

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Biblical scholar Hans Walter Wolff on Micah’s skill as a prophet:

“Prophecy is essentially a ministry of disclosure, of stripping bare. Israel’s great prophets do not merely lift the veil of the future in order to destroy false expectation; at the same time, they expose the conduct of their contemporaries. They do so in a way that brings into full view the secret motivations and concealed intentions behind what these people are doing. Prophets tear the masks away and show the true face of the people behind them. Among these kinds of prophets, Micah is one of the greatest in his penetration of camouflage. He sees two groups of people as being most intensively concerned with the art of masquerading: the political authorities and the public representatives of religion and piety.”

~Hans Walter Wolff, Confrontations with Prophets


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