Year 3 begins …

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We return to Old Testament for Year 3 of Catholic Biblical School. I’m excited by the addition of several new classmates, hailing from northeast Louisiana and Texarkana, Texas. My group includes two transfers from the Monroe/Ruston program and two locals entirely new to CBS. That should make for lively interaction within the group, which I love.

Our instructor again is Jim McGill, well-known to many in our diocese as he was an instructor at Greco Institute for a number of years. Again, he drives to Shreveport once a month from Dallas to lead our daylong Saturday sessions covering three separate lessons.

Having finished Years 1 and 2, Foundations of Old Testament and Foundations of New Testament, we qualify for University of Dallas certificates in Basic Biblical Studies.

Theme this year is Exile and Restoration. We will cover major and minor prophets, Lamentations, Chronicles, Ruth, Song of Solomon and Psalms. Frankly, I know very little about any of these books in the Bible, and I’m looking forward to making their acquaintance.

Already I’m beginning to sense the formative nature of the exile for Judaism – a powerful parallel to wandering in the wilderness.


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  1. Best wishes to you, Martha, and to the entire class for a wonderful year of spiritual growth!

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