Q and A on Revelation

Finally, here are my answers to subjective questions asked on our assignments and test. Please share yours!

Why is the Book of Revelation so popular with fiction writers and religious groups? People want to be able to control God, creation, and their fate, especially in a complex and threatening world. They want to decode the numbers and symbols of Revelation so they can guarantee themselves a spot in heaven.

What’s the most important theme of Revelation? The world is the arena in which God’s plan for salvation unfolds. Human life is not a series of random events but a theater of divine activity.

What’s the most significant thing you learned? Revelation definitely gave me the sense of another dimension to life. As we carry out our lives, we are part of the cosmic struggle between good and evil. Angels and demons are fighting over us. God is active in today’s world, just as he was through the suffering history of Israel and the persecution of the early Christian Church. And I better understand as evil the seductiveness not just of power, prestige, and affluence, but of complacency.


One response to “Q and A on Revelation

  1. Martha, I like the idea of another dimension to life — I like to think of it as less of a struggle between good and evil, more of a peaceful, spiritual place — but I have not studied Revelation, as you have! And yes, complacency is one of my challenges — remaining silent to avoid confronting the truth — I’m working on it, with God’s help!

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