A bit of Redemptorist hospitality!

Bohemia is my father’s ancestral homeland. Both sets of his
grandparents left in the 1870s and settled in Nebraska. Here I am with kolaches like my grandmother used to make! The photo was taken at Svata Hora (Holy Mountain), a Marian shrine that has welcomed pilgrims since the 1500s.  It is now run by Redemptorists, the same missionary order St. John  Neumann and Blessed Francis  Seelos joined in the 1840s to serve immigrants in America.  In Munich and Gars am Inn in Germany, in Vienna, and here in Svata Hora, we were invited into the residence for some Redemptorist hospitality. If you’d like to know more about this part of my trip, please see my blog postings (“Where Saints Walked”) on the Redemptorist website. Here’s a link to the first: http://www.redemptorists.net/news-detail.cfm?id=313

(Photo courtesy of Cecilia Woodley)


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