The Lord is risen!

Christ washing the feet of the Apostles, by Gi...

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He is risen indeed! — an exchange borrowed from our Orthodox brethren and passed on by our bishop. This year, Holy Week services have been especially fulfilling, as I hear echoes from so much of what we’ve studied the past two years in Catholic Biblical School. … Readings from Genesis and Exodus … from Paul’s writings …

From the gospel of John, the washing of the feet and the Passion, with Jesus handing over the Spirit, the Paraclete, at his death.

From Revelation, the Alpha and the Omega, and–a special treat last night from the cathedral choir–the Hallelujah Chorus.

Grace and peace to all.


One response to “The Lord is risen!

  1. Cecilia Woodley

    Martha, I’m so glad you had a blessed Holy Week. It was a blessing for me, also. I love the Easter season especially because it is so joyful, and it lasts a good long time! He is risen indeed! Cecilia

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