The Freer ending online—and NAB links

If your Bible discusses the Freer ending of the Gospel of Mark only in a footnote, here’s a link to a fuller rendition (see footnote 2):   Makes me want to visit the Freer Gallery on my next visit to D.C.!

While you’re there, do a bit of exploring on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website. There’s a Bible link which takes you to a digitalized New American Bible index:  And a side link to audio versions (podcasts) of the daily reading —  a great aid for those of us who are lectors.

Study hint: You can use this website to copy and paste verses of Scripture for our lessons. There is a search function — — but I find it difficult to use. Another link to NAB is on the Vatican website, but its concordance and other study aids are even more technical.

As a beginning bible scholar last year, I found a non-Catholic site very helpful. makes it easy to look up keywords, topics, and passages.


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