The lavish love of God

Wonderful metaphor here: God’s love “is as gracious, indiscriminate, and lavish as the sunshine and the rainfall.” The author uses it to explain the motivation for loving our enemies. We should not retaliate when hurt, but wish good for those intent on harming us, because God does no less for us.

Another interesting point: If any saying of Jesus recorded in the gospels can lay claim to being unaltered, it is the statement to love the enemy.


One response to “The lavish love of God

  1. I’ve heard that Loving one’s “enemies” means that we take the High Road. Sometimes I travel a “medium road” – not hating, but not loving either. It takes a lot of effort to turn the other cheek rather than lashing back. But i’m learning to Stop, Think, before I respond with “an eye for an eye”. Reading the Gospel of Mark is a spiritual journey of “How To’s” And I’m learning to reflect on the person of Jesus and our relationship.

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