How the gospels developed

Here’s a valuable concept: The three stages in transmission of gospel material.

  1. Jesus and the disciples
  2. The disciples and the early church
  3. The early church and the evangelists

As I understand it … memories of Jesus –His words, His works, His mission—were kept alive and used as illustrations in preaching in the early church. That material was touched by the faith and experience of the early Christians. Best preserved were those moments of His life that meant the most to a believer. The evangelists drew on this living tradition and organized it to speak to the problems and hopes of later communities of Christians. The power of the Spirit was present from the beginning.


One response to “How the gospels developed

  1. Instructor Gene Giuliano significantly expanded on this concept for us in Saturday’s class.
    Stage 1, or The Lived Gospel, occurred during the ministry of Jesus, approximately 30 AD; Stage 2,The Oral Gospel, from 30 to 70 AD; and Stage 3, The Written Gospels, from 70 to 100 AD.
    The apostles and early disciples married the facts of Jesus’ ministry with the meaning of those facts, in light of the resurrection and enlightened by the Holy Spirit. The evangelists applied the meaning to the needs of different communities, everywhere and always.
    Loved Gene’s analogy of light filtered through a prism and exploding into color on the other side! Jesus’ ministry is the light. The Holy Spirit and the Resurrection are the prism.

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