Hungering for God’s Word

Author Donald Senior C.P. wrote “Jesus: A Gospel Portrait” in 1975. But his words still ring true to me: “Many adult Christians hunger today for the word of God.” They sense their faith is improperly nourished. Wouldn’t you agree this is especially true for Catholics? Senior’s book is our summer assignment for Year 2 of Catholic Biblical School, foundations of the New Testament. For such Christians, Senior continues, “scripture is food. It nourishes, it satisfies, it gives life.”  Hmmm … “feasting on God’s word” is a great way to describe Bible study, and a lot less intimidating to cradle Catholics.


One response to “Hungering for God’s Word

  1. Growing up in a Baptist family the scriptures were like one of those food group building blocks. I admire my fellow learning group members who didn’t have this type of background and are coming to the scriptures at this time in their adult lives. I love the Old Testament so very much, it’s everyone’s family! What I fondly call the ‘Jerry Springer show of salvation history’. Something for everyone. During troubled times in my life I have consistently found two things which hold me up….a cuppa coffee and searching the Bible for that just right passage God has for me at that particular time. I cannot, would not want to imagine life otherwise!

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